Dr. Emmanjuel Hopeson, a Clinical Psychologist, says that too much happiness and joy can kill a person. he said this at the GHMusic Publishing Performing Arts Clinic, held at MJ Grand Hotel at East Legon. The event was organized to give musicians the tools to not only survive but to thrive in the music industry. At the event, he spoke to the artists present on the topic “Emotion”. He spoke extensively on how emotions affect not only the career of a musician but every facet of life saying, “The euphoria of happiness and joy can be another deadly and killing emotion just like anger and irritation”. He added that some pitfalls in the career of a musician, as a result of emotional instability, would be difficult to recover from. Dr. Hopeson noted that there are some artists who never recover their careers and life from such pitfalls. He, therefore, cautioned the people present not to be ruled by their emotions since they are susceptible to change.

Dr. Emmanuel Hopeson is also a Minister of the Gospel, Counseling Psychologist, Certified Professional Mediator, Conflict and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Expert and Trainer.