‘CounsMed’ Methodology, which is a hybrid of Counseling and Mediation, is our specially designed tool which we skillfully employ. We believe that human beings are the main factors in every conflict and its resolution. Hence, conflicts are looked at from the intra-personal to the inter-personal perspectives. We also view conflicts from the intra-organizational to the inter-organizational perspectives.

The conflict situations we deal with fall in two main categories. These are:

  • Intra-personal conflicts
  • Inter-personal conflicts

Specifically, we deal with:

  • Tenancy conflicts
  • Organizational conflicts
  • Workplace conflicts
  • Inter-spousal conflicts
  • Community conflicts
  • School conflict
  • Ethnic conflicts
  • Tribal conflicts
  • Political conflicts
  • Chieftaincy conflicts
  • Land disputes;
  • Parent-child conflicts; and others.