We develop and offer specialized trainings to meet the needs of:

  • Individuals
  • Schools
  • Communities
  • Families
  • Organizations
  • Churches
  • Institutions and
  • The General Public

Specific trainings

We offer the following trainings:

  1. Counseling Trainings
  2. Specialized Trainings – These are organized in the form of seminars and workshops. Some of the topics treated are:
  • Stress management
  • Anger Management
  • Marriage and family development
  • Parenting (including single parenting)
  • Singleness
  • Overcoming Sexual Dysfunctions, etc.

We design these trainings from time to time to meet the needs of people, schools, community, and society at large.

  1. Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution Trainings. The training is done using four courses:
  • Foundation Course
  • Advanced Course
  • Professional Course
  • Executive Masters in ADCR – Distance