Signs of a mentally and emotionally weak person

If you are unable to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict, then you are a mentally and emotionally weak person. Today we’re going to learn about fifteen signs of emotional weakness, now let’s begin.

  • Defensive feedback.
  • False superiority.
  • Refusing vulnerability.
  • Self-pity.
  • Deserving success.
  • Demanding revenge.
  • Defensive feedback: Do you know someone who can’t handle constructive criticism. Many people can’t handle real honest feedback. Your criticisms bruise their fragile egos and they get defensive over the smallest things. For example, let’s say you’re reviewing someone’s work when you catch a mistake in their writing, if that person is emotionally weak, they may have a negative reaction to your feedback. They may lash out because they’re not strong enough to admit their own mistakes.
  • False superiority: Are your needs more important than everyone else’s? Emotionally weak people are often selfish and arrogant. They take advantage of others, they neglect their loved ones, and they develop an over-inflated self-image. Why? Because deep down inside they’re filled with shame insecurity and self-hatred. They put on a big show because they don’t like themselves the way they are. They spend every moment showing off and boosting their ego. But the truth is, these people are a lot weaker than they seem.
  • Refusing vulnerability: Someone who’s emotionally weak may struggle to build trusting relationships which requires honesty introspection and emotional strength. In every relationship, you have to overcome emotional hurdles before you can deepen your connection. You need to be vulnerable and genuine otherwise your relationships may stagnate and fall apart. You might hear an emotionally weak person say, “no one understands me” or “I’m different from everyone else” but difference has nothing to do with it no one understands them. Because they refuse to be vulnerable, because they’re not strong enough to be themselves.
  • Self-pity: Emotionally weak people often feel sorry for themselves. They act like nothing is their fault always the victim of someone else’s cruelty. So, naturally they struggle to take responsibility for their words or actions. If you know someone who’s emotionally weak you may have encountered these signals before. You might have heard them say why does this always happen to me or I did nothing wrong, but you know that isn’t true. They can’t find success happiness or emotional strength because they’re too busy passing the blame.
  • Deserving success: What do you deserve in life? Emotionally strong people know that life isn’t fair or easy. If you want something there’s only one way to get it you need to work hard, take risks, and do your best. Along the way there’s a good chance you’ll fail maybe more than once, but, an emotionally strong person chooses to pursue their dreams anyway. Because, failure is just another obstacle on your lifelong journey. While strong people chase their goals emotionally weak people do just the opposite. Instead of working hard or taking risks they just sit back and wait. They believe the universe owes them happiness or success. Unfortunately, that debt will never be paid no matter how long you wait or how often you complain. Success is never going to fall into your lap. The universe owes you nothing and that’s never going to change.
  • Demanding revenge: Do you take revenge on anyone who’s wronged you? Do you punish others for their mistakes? Revenge seeking behavior is commonly associated with emotional weakness. When someone wrongs or embarrasses you, it bruises your ego, it activates your insecurities, and that causes anger or humiliation. So, you hold on to those negative feelings until you can punish the other person for what they’ve done. But taking revenge is never the answer. No matter how many stunts you pull, your insecurities aren’t going anywhere.